20 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Song – “Dishonesty” A Parody of Billy Joel’s “Honesty””

  1. Guess what, it doesn't matter anymore ….. Who cares who she is, what her and her family do, or why even have to say her name or blink an eye ever again…She over. Baked and burned….

  2. Damn how would Billy Clinton look in a dress as 'First Lady" we will never know…Does he take it in the ass like Obama?  Only his hair dresser knows…or is it Barney Frank or Anthony Wiener?

  3. Clintonistas= 1) Set up fake charity foundation to pull in bribe money for favors. Pay
    for play.
    2) Create Wars to give lucrative contracts to arms manufacturers like
    Haliburton etc etc etc……for bribes in foundation.
    3) Send American troops to lose life and limbs to stimulate the plan.
    4) Send finance and arms to regimes who support the enemy ISIS like
    Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc….. so as to create catalyst.
    5) Spend tax payers money to the hilt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion like
    who gives a shit it's other peoples money right? Heck give it away for
    free in cash by plane to Iran it will stimulate the plan even more.
    6) Make enemies with Russia, so Hillary the Babylon whore can get
    even more powerful now that there is an even greater enemy. We
    need Hillary to save us right?
    7) Spend tax payer money to the max as long as it comes back as
    bribes in the pockets of the Clintonista foundation. For veterans
    who lost their limbs in fake illegal Wars sorry you don't count you
    have to wipe your ass yourself no funding for you. No pay no play!
    8) Pay celebrity whores like Madona, Lagy Googaa who say they will
    give a blow job to every Hillary voter live on camera. See Youtube.
    9) Bill and Hillary Clinton go to secret Island to have orgies with
    children all out on Wikileaks. What do you expect from the whore
    of Babylon Hillary and that bastard Billy Boy.
    10) The whore of Babylon Hillary thinks she is so above the Law she
    can do as she pleases without consequences. Prison for the
    Clintonista Gang.

    Clintons are guilty of treason, plunder of USA economy, and
    corruption on a massive scale.

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